Gift Ideas

Make your gift memorable with a whisky gift they won’t forget!

Our beautiful artistically-sculpted decanters, bespoke flavour-enhancing glassware, and unique, rare, and exclusive bottles of the finest whisky are the perfect way to mark any moment, celebrate an occasion, or just show your love. Browse our whisky selection and accessories to gift your loved ones the ultimate whisky experience. Our selection of particularly rare and exceptional whisky is uniquely chosen for its individuality, malts, richness, and flavour.

Brim with pride with our Glass Gift Sets and Whisky Decanters

We stock hand-selected artistically designed glassware, decanters, and unique whisky bottling, for their perfection and magnificence, chosen for that special moment. Purchase great brands including Whiskira Glassware, Glencairn Crystal Glassware, Dartington, Van Daemon, Kagami Japanese Crystal Glass, and the traditionally-made Scottish Whyte and Mackay and cheeky Scotsman Ceramic Secret Flask water jugs. Any whisky connoisseur knows that a great whisky glass or tumbler is a fundamental part of a whisky-drinking experience. For your perfect whisky companion, check out our whisky accessories including Whisky Decanters, Ice Sphere Makers, Aged Whisky Chocolates, and many more. The quintessential Whisky Glass can add to the overall experience and journey. We sell a range of Whisky Glassware including; Mountain Glass, Wobble Glass, Twist Glass, Crystal Whisky Experience Glass, Bullet Glass, and Whisky Tumblers.

Experience an educational journey with a World of Whisky

We are passionate whisky enthusiasts. We live, drink and breathe whisky and believe everyone deserves to truly experience and love whisky as much as we do. Whisky is not just a drink, it is a feeling, an art, and a passion cultivated through years of history, culture and people that shape the whisky world we know and love today.

Give the Gift of Experience with our Events & Tasting Sessions!

If the true whisky experience is what you are after, check out our whisky-tasting sessions, the perfect gift for any whisky lover. Our whisky tasting sessions are exciting and educational tasting experiences of the most exceptional, rarest whiskies, carefully selected by our experienced in-house whisky experts for their depth of flavour and tasting profile, each with their own tale to tell. Send them on an educational voyage through the captivating history of the world’s most famed distilleries, tasting the rarest and most exceptional world-renowned, award-winning whisky developed through generations of history and tradition. Gift a culinary adventure to arouse both the novice and experienced connoisseur palette in an unforgettable evening of captivating stories from our extensive whisky knowledge and research. Since 2010, we have hosted over 12,000 people at our in-store tasting events, stocking the rarest and exclusive range of over 900 different expressions from all regions of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA, Canada, India, Israel, Netherlands and Japan. Gift the gift of knowledge, a rare gift that will not be forgotten.

Not just a dram book… a whisky dram book/ Not just a book… a book about whisky.

Cannot attend a whisky-tasting session? Knowledge can also be found in a great book. Books are a fantastic fun gift, when they’re the right books. We sell a wide range of Whisky books, Whisky bibles and Whisky Art including Jim Murray's Whisky Bible a great gift idea for any true whisky lover.

Gift cards

Unable to find the gift you’re looking for? A World of Whisky gift certificate is the next best thing. Gift the gift of endless possibilities, with a World of Whisky products, experiences, and adventures at their fingertips. No matter what they are looking for they are sure to find something from our selection of Event Tickets, Sale items, New Arrivals, Rare whiskies, Whisky Miniatures, Collector Edition Products, Cigars, Gift Products, Glassware, Books and whisky accessories. Perfect for picky or hard-to-buy-for family and friends that want the choice of choosing! We are passionate whisky enthusiasts, so whether you are looking for a perfect whisky companion, want a unique gift idea to be the envy of the party, or looking for that perfect gift for that special occasion you’ve come to the right place. Start your journey here.

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